Baccarat Rouge Extrait – Elevating the Luxury Perfume Scene

Size: 2.4 oz

Price: 295€ (Approximately $348.62)

Purchased: Directly from the MFK

  • Easy to purchase directly from the Francis Kurdkjian site
  • You get three free samples
  • It’s less expensive to buy directly from the site despite the currency conversion
  • MFK ships the items directly from France very nicely packaged
  • Every package arrived in less than a week
  • Only problem – I couldn’t make the purchase from my phone because the payment wouldn’t go through. I had to make the purchase from my laptop.

The Verdict

I love it! This perfume fits me like a glove. It’s a strong masculine-leaning scent, most likely due to the fact that it’s unisex, and the exact perfume I would choose to wear on an elegant night out or when I need to make a powerful statement. Due to its strong musky notes, Baccarat Rouge is best worn during the colder months of the year when a toasty essence is needed and appreciated most.

Story Time

I once had a brief stint as a bartender at a local Italian restaurant frequented by the area’s well-to-do. It was a small cozy place that fostered a sense of community, which further cemented the site’s ‘neighborhood joint’ status. One Friday night, a very elegantly dressed older woman and her party walked into the bar to wait for their table. She wasn’t necessarily beautiful, but she was confident and exuded an elegance that appealed to my impressionable young self. I would later find out that she was the mother of one of my former middle school classmates and a socialite who mingles with the likes of Jerry Seinfeld (YES, that Jerry Seinfeld!), The Eagles, and Martina McBride. What further magnified her sophistication was the perfume she wore. While I can no longer remember the scent or even the top notes, I do remember the impression the perfume and her overall aura made on me that night.

Fast-forward twenty years later and I have matured into my own version of a sophisticated, confident woman. What was missing, though, was the scent that would further punctuate and highlight the woman I’ve become… until I found Baccarat Rouge. Baccarat Rouge fills me to the brim with a sense of elegance and refinement. The same feelings I vicariously experienced through her are now mine to enjoy. I relish in the fact that this time around I am the woman sitting on the other side of the bar with her own luxurious, signature scent.

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