Songs I’m Listening to on Repeat By Latina Artists

‘Hasta Que’ by Tatiana Hazel

This Spanglish song had me the second I heard it. It’s funky, sexy, and overall fucking amazing! It’s a slowish jam with a bittersweet love massage to…her hometown of Chicago.

‘Tu’ by Maye

This Spanish bossa nova song is smoothly perfect! This is THE song to set a romantic mood or if you just want to feel sexy. The music and her sensuous voice make for the perfect seductive melody.

‘Soy Lo Que Soy’ by Monogen

This song is a groovy techno gem with a strong bohemian slant. It’s cool with a powerful message – I am what I am! Her voice is smooth and sultry which only adds to the cool and laid back feel of the song.

‘So We Don’t Forget’ by Khruangbin

This trio includes a Latina, Laura Lee, on bass– how cool is that?! “So We Don’t Forget” sounds very retro (think 70’s stoner rock), and whenever I hear this song, I just want to grab a drink and chill on a hammock – gives me total summer vibes.

‘Veracruz’ by Natalia Lafourcade

This song is reminiscent of the old classic Mexican songs that flooded my home when I was a little girl. It’s beautiful and classic, a song that conjures up positive memories from my childhood.

‘Fantasmas’ by Ambar Lucid

An indie rock song that will stand the test of time. This well-produced number is part psychedelic, part classic rock, and part romantic- at least to my ears.

‘Una Vez Mas’ by Ximena Sariñana

A lovely, poppy indie rock love jam. I can’t help but get a 90’s R&B love song feel, but this time in Spanish. I love it!

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