Print Fresh – A Vibrant Take on Sleepwear

What is Print Fresh?

Founded in 2017, this unique online retailer offers an array of sleepwear, accessories, and gift products designed in Philadelphia and produced in India. Print Fresh stands out for having bright colors, exotic prints, and comfortable sleepwear. It’s moderately priced, ranging from $62 for shorts to $132 for sleep sets.

My Purchase

 After the Thanksgiving holiday, I purchased the Bagheera sleep shirt in scarlet, which retails for $98, on sale for $73.50 It is made of 100% cotton poplin with contrast piping details and ¼” sleeves.

My Shopping Experience

Online Space

Print Fresh’s site and checkout process is easy to navigate and offers what you’ve come to expect from ordering online – order confirmation emails, shipping notification email, and easy package tracking capabilities.


This is where I had some trouble. I first ordered a small based on the sizing chart offered on the site. However, when I received the item, I realized that it was WAY too large for my petite frame. I quickly emailed their customer service to request help in choosing the correct size and even attached a picture of me wearing the sleep shirt for reference. The staff was friendly and promptly responded to my email with a new shirt size suggestion – XXS. That came as a shock since I haven’t been an XXS in YEARS! Regardless, I accepted their suggestion, and it turns out that XXS was the perfect size. I’m not sure where I went wrong when first choosing the shirt’s size, but I’ll just assume it was my error. Regardless, Print Fresh makes it SUPER easy to exchange items. Therefore, the fear of choosing the wrong size should NOT play a factor in your decision to give them a try.

Customer Service

I was really impressed with Print Fresh’s customer service.  The care representative processed the exchange without me having to do any of the work, except return the ill-fitting shirt back to them free of charge. The only hiccup was the fact that my return order got lost in the shuffle of the holiday season, and I had to reach out to the company to remind them that I was still waiting for my XXS night shirt. While it was a bit annoying to wait for the exchange, it was by no means a deal breaker!

My Thoughts

I have to admit that I don’t normally like bright colors and crazy patterns BUT there’s something about Print Fresh that speaks to me. I’m not sure if it’s the color combinations, the strong yet mesmerizing patters, or perhaps my taste has evolved. Either way, I am VERY happy with my purchase, so much so that I recently purchased a pair of pants during their massive sale. The shirt is bright, fun, and comfortable, and it has now become one of my favorite nightgowns. I find that I appreciate the shirt most during my cycle because it’s roomy, giving my stomach some space during that time of the month. It is easy to wash and dry, but I find that it needs a light pass through a warm iron to make it look fresh and crisp. Overall, I’m extremely happy with my purchase and I will probably buy another night shirt in the future. Check them out, they’re pretty cool!

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