‘Take what you want and leave the rest’

Resolutely Me

I am a Latina in her 40’s, married without children (more on that in a later post), who works as a project manager in the tech industry enjoys traveling, and takes up random hobbies. I have succeeded in creating a happy existence that works for me (but baffles some) and carving out a small slice of what I consider heaven, my life in Chicago. I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned (either through happenstance, failure, or perseverance) to help others, and  I hope that they’ll share their experiences in return. My approach to life is by no means a roadmap to success or happiness- but it works for me. I suggest you navigate through my blog in the same way I receive advice, which is ‘I take what I want and leave the rest.’

Why A Blog?

The idea to develop this blog came to me when I decided to quit social media (I was spending an egregious amount of time scrolling through Instagram) in order to redirect my attention and effort towards projects that would positively impact my life. I’m in my early 40’s, and I still haven’t accomplished many of the enrichment goals 10 years ago, nor have I made the effort to improve my skills on the hobbies I’ve already taken up. I can’t necessarily place 100% of the blame on social media. Part of the blame is attributable to my fear of failure, but social media did take up A LOT of my time.

What drew me to social media was the fact that I was able to share, in a limited capacity, what I was doing, the new hobby I picked up, or the new recipe I shared with my followers. However, that soon gave way to my voyeuristic side, who would scroll for hours on end through countless pictures just to see what others were doing. That was not healthy or productive. I soon realized that I needed to work on reaching those unfulfilled goals and sharing my experiences on a new platform, one that would allow me to share my exploits in a more thorough and positive format…hence I created Resolutely Me.

What now?

I write and share. My passions are varied, formulated by my enthusiasm for domestic interests, an affinity for travel, and the drive for self-improvement(with a hint of luxury, and a pinch of DIY). My aim is to be authentic and true to who I am while simultaneously providing you with this Latina’s take on life and everything else. Enjoy and remember – take what you want and leave the rest!